Sunday, 24 October 2010

Give away time

So I want to give away this detachable peter pan collar, I have been selling them online and they have been going like hot cakes. So to get your hands on one I want to know what you would wear it with. Email me writing it out or 'make me an outfit' on that site I cant remember what it's called..polyvore? Or am I thinking of something else? Or send me an actual outfit post, illustration, design showing what you would do with it. I will choose the winner on the basis of how creative they have been and how original the idea is. This will end Friday 29th moves fast correct?!

1 comment:

  1. Hello :) I am an undergraduate from BCU, so I know the basics on pattern cutting etc, so I could make one of these but I am rubbish!! aha
    This is lovey! <3 I have been looking for one for aaaages!
    could you make me one? or are they still up for grabs? :) lemmeee know.