Thursday, 28 October 2010

Remember those

How annoying is bulk emails, Facebook messages and reading about momentous moments in the lives of my family and friends on Twitter. Whatever happened to the humble hand-written letter? It seems as though fountain pens these days are purchased solely for signing ones name.

In fact, one of the things I miss most about my childhood, is old-fashioned mail. I miss the anticipation of opening the mail every day, the surprise of finding a letter (that’s not a bill) and appreciating the effort someone put into hand-writing a note just for me.

Letterheady, is a new online archive of the letterheads of legendary artists, politicians, collectives, programmes. Browsing through might just inspire you to design one of your own and pen a note that will make someone’s day. There is nothing more thoughtful than a handwritten letter.


  1. I still love checking my mailbox every day, although usual there are only bills and flyers... Maybe that's why I shop mostly online. I love finding something exciting in the post. Handwritten letters really are the best. Can't wait to check out letterheady :)

  2. Oh! I absolutely adore mail! I've got a few penpals so its always exciting to receive mail! Hehe, Letterheady is so cool! :D

  3. Great !! love handwritten letters!