Tuesday, 27 July 2010

What have I been up to

Goodness gracious me. Well I don't know how many days it's been since the last post but as you can see I did infact bake banana bread! Most of the other things on the list had been completed also. Since then I have been/still on a drawing and illustration course at London College of Fashion (Mare st campus)

So far we've had a nudey models for alot of the time, I'm over the immature phase of it all because I've seen it all in college but am just a bit annoyed that it's women all the time. Not because I want to perv on a naked man or anything. But just, in general why is the male body so much more tabboo than the female body? As a whole over films, photographs etc in society womens are just more acceptable for some reason. This pisses me off. As a (young) woman, I want us females to be these illusive, untouched creatures and when the cloth comes off for it to actually MEAN something. I dunno I suppose this sort of cheapens my idea and naked bodies become two a dozen these days. I know pornography completely destroyed leaving things to the imagination but so does art! At the start we were given a talk very briefly of art history and was told about the guerrilla girls...less than 3% of the artists in the Met are women but 83% of the nudes are female. I hate to be a ranting little miss but this sort of stuff annoys me!

Anyway part of our course is that splitting in to teams of 3 we are supposed to come up with a collection for a selected band, ours is the Black Eyed Peas and we are to fill our entire sketchbooks with ideas. One person is on textiles, the other on womens wear and the other on accessories. Indeed I chose accessories and we went to see the Wallace Collection to find some inspiration. I came up with military shoulder pads in the end. And it was all over on Wednesday, it was only a short course but I can get ever so slightly attached to my classmates and I kind of miss it. It seemed like we were starting a new college term and that this was our new class. It was quite a lovely graduation type ceremony in the end anyway.

The Wallace collection, where I took inspiration for my military shoulder pads

The Design

My certificate = ]

Monday, 19 July 2010

Micro-shop, snooze, supermarket

Todays dismal results, I crossed about a 5th of my 'To Buy' list, such is life I suppose...later on in the supermarket chapter of the day.....

I love this amber looking brick wall, unfortunately just out of the picture there is a warning sign "risk of death"

Sleeping in, then sleep all day then sleeping on the lampost the summer laziness has caught me

Haha my life must sound so boring on paper! Today consisted of me dragging myself out of bed, off shopping to buy jewellery supplies...returned home a little bit disgruntled at the lack of anything out there! So at home after checking the emails and a bit of fridge raiding I laid in bed. Of course I was only resting my eyes and only fell asleep by accident! I normally measure the time frame from what telivision programme was on when I put my head down to what was on when I woke up. So from the end of The Simpsons to the end of Eastenders. So three hours would that be? Ish? Quite disgusting for someone who woke up around lunchtime!

So waking up I realised my dad had not yet done the shopping so quickly looked up to see what other ingrediants I would need to make banana bread. (Brown sugar) Afterwards my pops agreed to take photos of myself trying to show the look that I think aids these beautiful summer nights nicely.

So no banana bread baking tonight but is definately on the agenda tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tuesday:

Bake banana bread
Make necklace
Post Ebay items
Post CV's to a few places
Work 5pm-9pm
Come home and review how much was done!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

My day of... can't tell you yet

Haha although there is no seeing the outfit up here I do really love that effect the street lights give it's so atmospheric.

I've never been great at editing photographs, I love all the different effects that we can do but am unfortunately rather awful at the important things like SPOTS and RED EYE!

I had a load of shoes to carry today so that's the reason for the big bag! I probably wouldn't of put this with everything to be honest so was more for practical use.

So today I had a lovely time which I shan't breath a word until we get the pictures of it all for you to see. Won't be too long. Until then you can see what I wore today, I got back quite late which is why I'm in the scarey land of darkness.

Saturday, 17 July 2010


Okay so no jewellery has been made but I went shopping to buy things I need to make jewellery i.e lobster clips so not a completely wasted day. The rest of it was spent to-ing and fro-ing for arrangements to be made tomorrow which has to be done to prevent another unproductive day! What does someone wear to go supply shopping? > >


There is something really rather hideous about an inexcusable day of being unproductive. I have been trying to blame the jokes the weather has been playing that's been preventing me from going outside but even for me it's just an excuse as pathetic as yesterdays accomplishments.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't stew in bed all day. No, there was a certain sense of urgency to get out of bed in the morning, just that it rapidly was lost and uncoiled itself into being hunched over the computer screen with daytime TV winging in the background. So from getting out of bed, I spent the entire day Ebay-ing! I must say it was a day of posting items for sale and not buying things so I do grant myself a bit of credit, but to take up a WHOLE DAY?!

You see for me, a good day would consist of doing something solid that contributes to the ladder of success, so for instance I should of made a contact with a casting director, made a piece of jewellery, spoke to a course co-ordinator etc. Posting items on eBay, although they have the potential of making money, it's a very tempory thing and can really result in nothing at all.

SO! Although yesterday’s to-do list is looking pretty sorry I am going to write mine out in CAPITPOL LETTERS so I can definitely not ignore this time.

I will share with you, but now that schools out the only thing I can think to do is make jewellery.


1. Make jewellery.

- hmm, I'll report back later to show how I get on

Saturday, 10 July 2010

What part of body and temple don't you understand?!

I have to say I find it truly amazing when I witness females that don't have a frustrating relationship with food. Before Wednesday I could say I was undereating. Then wrote down what I had yesterday and was horrified!

Shreddies for breakfast, not too bad but just watch the drop of vertical-down-hill-ness from here!


Cheese Pasty
Chocolate brownie
Slice of coffee cake
Jamaican patty
Garlic bread
Snickers part two because the erlier one was so good!

Geez, I looked in the mirror and thought how is it possible that all of the above is inside here?! Of course it's extreme dietry behaviour. Basically after a little slip up on the healthy food erlier this week I thought "Okay, let's have a calorific blow-out then in a few days I'll be super healthy!" Also with the logic that if I scoff pure nastiness then when I start again then the thought of junk food will utterly repulse me. No way. Like ex-smokers saying "Ooh, I wonder if I had a ciggerette now, I bet it will taste really disgusting." Which infact feels like bliss as opposed to being disgusting and the cycle comes back into full rotation.

Yes we get cravings, but this is a case of un-doubtable, gluttenous comfort-eating. One that "because I feel like it" doesn't justify. We are supposed to ask ourselves before we reach for the bisuit tin "what is this all about?" however for most of us we never stop to ask.

Seriously though, starting today my body is an absolute temple! How will I not fall off the tracks though? Well I've used this old method before trying to lose weight and it's very good at maintaining control. Some will argue that it will lead to obsession. Right now though for me personally desperate times call for desperate measures and this step is called for 100%

Calorie counting

So if everything we eat is pre-planned and designed to stay around our 2,000 a day mark then the rest of the day is a breeze. Below is an example


Tea (x5)
Spaghetti 118
Toast (x2) 120
Yoghurt 106
Ceral bar 98
Soup 225
Bread 60
Apple 50
Dates 40
Vegetable curry 400
Hot chocolate 120
Total 1337

So there it is, obviously not advisable to under-eat but is effective if trying to lost weight. It is good to see it written out in front of you and as said erlier it's a great way to take control.

I will update how it goes and will obviously need someone to snap me out of the "I NEED CHOCOLATE" attack

Ciao for now X

Friday, 9 July 2010

Moi at the exhibition

Horrockses Fashions: Off The Peg Style in the 40’s and 50’s

I had the pleasure of attending the private viewing of the Horrockses Fashions exhibition last night. Horrockses was the brand of choice by most fashion conscious females of the 40’s and 50’s.

While most folk of the day were still using patterns and buying cloth by the yard to make their clothes, these females remember splashing out £4-£7 on a Horrockses dress! Yes, that was the average price which is the equivalent to £80-£130 today.
Of course I found the experience very inspiring. I’ve always been very fond of the 50’s full dress silhouette but was struck by the textile design itself - there was such detail in everything! Patterns consisted of rather kitsch illustrations, poppy florals and sporadic polka dots. Even though there was a solid identity felt from the clothes shown there were no two pieces alike at all.

Overall, my fantasies of the attire by the rock-n-roll era were well and truly met and this may be one attraction I will have to revisit. Horrockses Fashions: Off The Peg Style in the 40’s and 50’s is showing in the Fashion and Textiles Museum until October 24th.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

This is my very first post. I am so tempted to detail in what I had to leave out in my description that only allowed 500 characters but it will all come out eventually anyway.

So where I am amongst everything, is the deadline for all coursework is this week and next week. Today CAD (computer aided design) was due in. I normally like to smugly hand in a good standard of work but I could barely look my tutor in the eye as I passed my digital sketchbook over it was so awful, that and the fact that I handed it in 2 hours late past the EXTENSION on the original deadline. Unfortunately my day was consumed with other arrangements that pushed CAD to the back of the line..

I briefly mentioned some modelling I do and today was the biggest casting I flopped yet! When I looked up the address of the casting on street view, it looked like a residential area and automatically thought it was a perv and his studio flat. Anyone can call be stupid but I have the mentality that a missed opportunity is potentially worse than having an altercation with a psycho (we can always call the police after psycho incident) Anyway! Psycho-perv was a Harrods casting and was the biggest most fanciest plush studio I've ever seen! Again, I do say flopped it. I don't think the team were too impressed with my clumsily shaven above-the-knee leg hair. And the 'we'll be in touch' comment didn't leave much hope seeing as they didn't have a number.

With these things I think it's best to always have that next thing coming up. After one 'no' be sure to have something else in the pipeline to look forward to. For me the excitement of something new totally overrides the disappointment of something not happening for you. I have a few things coming up which is what has soothed this sting for me but we can't talk about it yet because we don't want to jinx it!