Thursday, 28 October 2010

Remember those

How annoying is bulk emails, Facebook messages and reading about momentous moments in the lives of my family and friends on Twitter. Whatever happened to the humble hand-written letter? It seems as though fountain pens these days are purchased solely for signing ones name.

In fact, one of the things I miss most about my childhood, is old-fashioned mail. I miss the anticipation of opening the mail every day, the surprise of finding a letter (that’s not a bill) and appreciating the effort someone put into hand-writing a note just for me.

Letterheady, is a new online archive of the letterheads of legendary artists, politicians, collectives, programmes. Browsing through might just inspire you to design one of your own and pen a note that will make someone’s day. There is nothing more thoughtful than a handwritten letter.

Monday, 25 October 2010


Been feeling a bit punky lately. The best way to express this is through a distressed stained ripped union jack top. Perhaps not with the floral setting but still nice

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Give away time

So I want to give away this detachable peter pan collar, I have been selling them online and they have been going like hot cakes. So to get your hands on one I want to know what you would wear it with. Email me writing it out or 'make me an outfit' on that site I cant remember what it's called..polyvore? Or am I thinking of something else? Or send me an actual outfit post, illustration, design showing what you would do with it. I will choose the winner on the basis of how creative they have been and how original the idea is. This will end Friday 29th moves fast correct?!

Still alive

So I have been running around relentlessly buying gifts and doing the people pleasing errunds we do when we get multiple birthdays/baby showers and general get-togethers that all seem to happen at once! So here is what I wore to one of the shopping trips down at Oxford street.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Pigeons & Peacocks

I’m not a loyal reader of any magazine out there but I am forever going to make sure I receive all future issues of Pigeons and Peacocks. This is London College of Fashions yearly magazine. Showcasing students work in women’s and menswear, accessories, art, photography and journalism. Not only is it quality reading but every page is like a work of art.

Favourite articles “How the East End became Hip” and “Finding Eastenders”

Request mag here it doesn’t cost a penny

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

perfect day for stupidity

Last night I was rolling around in bed and had finally reached 5am which was the last figure I saw on the clock until I was back out of bed 7am to get ready for college. Ran out the door, missed the train, left the college trip early due to the inabilty to string a sentence together. After various wrong busses/trains home and changing through 8 towns I got home for an hour break before I went to meet my friends in the park. We messed around using my friends video camera, eventually admitting defeat to the weather decided to part ways. Fourtey minutes passing and my bus didnt turn up, jumped on one that remotely went near somewhere I could get transport home then decided to walk home. This is what walking home with the mental age of 2 hours sleep looks like.

Moany old post, not only will tomorrow be a rich in sleep day but will be a positive post day! The only way is up! X

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Bubble dress

Following last nights TO-DO! Found it quite useful really. My bosses are therapists and write a yearly to-do list and try to accomplish goals through out the year. They do a half year review and grade themselved out of 10 on how much they tried on each goal which is really good for not beating yourself up about it. At the end of the year it will be good to share you mine and the rest of the new goals for 2011. But here's the list from yesterday:

Ticks, crosses, excuses

As for the 'pick outfit for tomorrow' it's semi-here, I cut the collar off an old top, I should of done a post today but literally lept into bed as soon as I came home from college today.

Collar-less + corsage

Ebay items on their way, Sending off a collar and necklace paypal have put my account on hold for goodness sakes, over £3.25 the miserable petty fools. GIMMIE MA MONEY!

I actually got this out of the way today. A huge bubble dress I made for my first project that's been sitting round college and I've been too worried to take it back home on the train I finally did today!