Wednesday, 29 September 2010

perfect day for stupidity

Last night I was rolling around in bed and had finally reached 5am which was the last figure I saw on the clock until I was back out of bed 7am to get ready for college. Ran out the door, missed the train, left the college trip early due to the inabilty to string a sentence together. After various wrong busses/trains home and changing through 8 towns I got home for an hour break before I went to meet my friends in the park. We messed around using my friends video camera, eventually admitting defeat to the weather decided to part ways. Fourtey minutes passing and my bus didnt turn up, jumped on one that remotely went near somewhere I could get transport home then decided to walk home. This is what walking home with the mental age of 2 hours sleep looks like.

Moany old post, not only will tomorrow be a rich in sleep day but will be a positive post day! The only way is up! X

1 comment:

  1. Everyone has days like this... it still stinks, though :( Wishing you a good night's sleep; there really is no better cure for a bad day.