Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Days outfit showing necklace design

There's some interviews I want to do but don't have enough followers to convince the people that it is going to be read so i'm going to do a giveaway to attract some more. Existing followers don't worry your loyalty will be rewarded in due course. As you know I own my own online jewellery shop, the first new follower plus an email stating their details, (adress) etc will get this tribal tooth necklace in the style of Kate Moss

I will be doing this for another 4 days doing more give aways with the same concept so if you're not the first new follower in my inbox then you can bide your time and save it for the coming days.

Also I do some writing for a high profile blog as a designer and am doing a feature on proms. So I would like your prom/debs photographs. In return I will give the best entry this peter pan collar attachment pictured below. Competition closes Wednesday 15th September.

What I am looking for:

-Tasteful not tacky photographs

-Some sort of group photo

-Specifically, if you have any photographs of your dress on a hanger, EVEN MORE if it is on a hanger in a store (you will be told why)

Anyway more than anything just send as many as you can because then its more likely I'll find what I need.

EMAIL: ljocullen@gmail.com X

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  1. it's so pretty! i entered the braclet fingers crossed! X