Tuesday, 27 July 2010

What have I been up to

Goodness gracious me. Well I don't know how many days it's been since the last post but as you can see I did infact bake banana bread! Most of the other things on the list had been completed also. Since then I have been/still on a drawing and illustration course at London College of Fashion (Mare st campus)

So far we've had a nudey models for alot of the time, I'm over the immature phase of it all because I've seen it all in college but am just a bit annoyed that it's women all the time. Not because I want to perv on a naked man or anything. But just, in general why is the male body so much more tabboo than the female body? As a whole over films, photographs etc in society womens are just more acceptable for some reason. This pisses me off. As a (young) woman, I want us females to be these illusive, untouched creatures and when the cloth comes off for it to actually MEAN something. I dunno I suppose this sort of cheapens my idea and naked bodies become two a dozen these days. I know pornography completely destroyed leaving things to the imagination but so does art! At the start we were given a talk very briefly of art history and was told about the guerrilla girls...less than 3% of the artists in the Met are women but 83% of the nudes are female. I hate to be a ranting little miss but this sort of stuff annoys me!

Anyway part of our course is that splitting in to teams of 3 we are supposed to come up with a collection for a selected band, ours is the Black Eyed Peas and we are to fill our entire sketchbooks with ideas. One person is on textiles, the other on womens wear and the other on accessories. Indeed I chose accessories and we went to see the Wallace Collection to find some inspiration. I came up with military shoulder pads in the end. And it was all over on Wednesday, it was only a short course but I can get ever so slightly attached to my classmates and I kind of miss it. It seemed like we were starting a new college term and that this was our new class. It was quite a lovely graduation type ceremony in the end anyway.

The Wallace collection, where I took inspiration for my military shoulder pads

The Design

My certificate = ]

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