Saturday, 17 July 2010


There is something really rather hideous about an inexcusable day of being unproductive. I have been trying to blame the jokes the weather has been playing that's been preventing me from going outside but even for me it's just an excuse as pathetic as yesterdays accomplishments.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't stew in bed all day. No, there was a certain sense of urgency to get out of bed in the morning, just that it rapidly was lost and uncoiled itself into being hunched over the computer screen with daytime TV winging in the background. So from getting out of bed, I spent the entire day Ebay-ing! I must say it was a day of posting items for sale and not buying things so I do grant myself a bit of credit, but to take up a WHOLE DAY?!

You see for me, a good day would consist of doing something solid that contributes to the ladder of success, so for instance I should of made a contact with a casting director, made a piece of jewellery, spoke to a course co-ordinator etc. Posting items on eBay, although they have the potential of making money, it's a very tempory thing and can really result in nothing at all.

SO! Although yesterday’s to-do list is looking pretty sorry I am going to write mine out in CAPITPOL LETTERS so I can definitely not ignore this time.

I will share with you, but now that schools out the only thing I can think to do is make jewellery.


1. Make jewellery.

- hmm, I'll report back later to show how I get on

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