Wednesday, 7 July 2010

This is my very first post. I am so tempted to detail in what I had to leave out in my description that only allowed 500 characters but it will all come out eventually anyway.

So where I am amongst everything, is the deadline for all coursework is this week and next week. Today CAD (computer aided design) was due in. I normally like to smugly hand in a good standard of work but I could barely look my tutor in the eye as I passed my digital sketchbook over it was so awful, that and the fact that I handed it in 2 hours late past the EXTENSION on the original deadline. Unfortunately my day was consumed with other arrangements that pushed CAD to the back of the line..

I briefly mentioned some modelling I do and today was the biggest casting I flopped yet! When I looked up the address of the casting on street view, it looked like a residential area and automatically thought it was a perv and his studio flat. Anyone can call be stupid but I have the mentality that a missed opportunity is potentially worse than having an altercation with a psycho (we can always call the police after psycho incident) Anyway! Psycho-perv was a Harrods casting and was the biggest most fanciest plush studio I've ever seen! Again, I do say flopped it. I don't think the team were too impressed with my clumsily shaven above-the-knee leg hair. And the 'we'll be in touch' comment didn't leave much hope seeing as they didn't have a number.

With these things I think it's best to always have that next thing coming up. After one 'no' be sure to have something else in the pipeline to look forward to. For me the excitement of something new totally overrides the disappointment of something not happening for you. I have a few things coming up which is what has soothed this sting for me but we can't talk about it yet because we don't want to jinx it!


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