Saturday, 10 July 2010

What part of body and temple don't you understand?!

I have to say I find it truly amazing when I witness females that don't have a frustrating relationship with food. Before Wednesday I could say I was undereating. Then wrote down what I had yesterday and was horrified!

Shreddies for breakfast, not too bad but just watch the drop of vertical-down-hill-ness from here!


Cheese Pasty
Chocolate brownie
Slice of coffee cake
Jamaican patty
Garlic bread
Snickers part two because the erlier one was so good!

Geez, I looked in the mirror and thought how is it possible that all of the above is inside here?! Of course it's extreme dietry behaviour. Basically after a little slip up on the healthy food erlier this week I thought "Okay, let's have a calorific blow-out then in a few days I'll be super healthy!" Also with the logic that if I scoff pure nastiness then when I start again then the thought of junk food will utterly repulse me. No way. Like ex-smokers saying "Ooh, I wonder if I had a ciggerette now, I bet it will taste really disgusting." Which infact feels like bliss as opposed to being disgusting and the cycle comes back into full rotation.

Yes we get cravings, but this is a case of un-doubtable, gluttenous comfort-eating. One that "because I feel like it" doesn't justify. We are supposed to ask ourselves before we reach for the bisuit tin "what is this all about?" however for most of us we never stop to ask.

Seriously though, starting today my body is an absolute temple! How will I not fall off the tracks though? Well I've used this old method before trying to lose weight and it's very good at maintaining control. Some will argue that it will lead to obsession. Right now though for me personally desperate times call for desperate measures and this step is called for 100%

Calorie counting

So if everything we eat is pre-planned and designed to stay around our 2,000 a day mark then the rest of the day is a breeze. Below is an example


Tea (x5)
Spaghetti 118
Toast (x2) 120
Yoghurt 106
Ceral bar 98
Soup 225
Bread 60
Apple 50
Dates 40
Vegetable curry 400
Hot chocolate 120
Total 1337

So there it is, obviously not advisable to under-eat but is effective if trying to lost weight. It is good to see it written out in front of you and as said erlier it's a great way to take control.

I will update how it goes and will obviously need someone to snap me out of the "I NEED CHOCOLATE" attack

Ciao for now X

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