Monday, 19 July 2010

Micro-shop, snooze, supermarket

Todays dismal results, I crossed about a 5th of my 'To Buy' list, such is life I suppose...later on in the supermarket chapter of the day.....

I love this amber looking brick wall, unfortunately just out of the picture there is a warning sign "risk of death"

Sleeping in, then sleep all day then sleeping on the lampost the summer laziness has caught me

Haha my life must sound so boring on paper! Today consisted of me dragging myself out of bed, off shopping to buy jewellery supplies...returned home a little bit disgruntled at the lack of anything out there! So at home after checking the emails and a bit of fridge raiding I laid in bed. Of course I was only resting my eyes and only fell asleep by accident! I normally measure the time frame from what telivision programme was on when I put my head down to what was on when I woke up. So from the end of The Simpsons to the end of Eastenders. So three hours would that be? Ish? Quite disgusting for someone who woke up around lunchtime!

So waking up I realised my dad had not yet done the shopping so quickly looked up to see what other ingrediants I would need to make banana bread. (Brown sugar) Afterwards my pops agreed to take photos of myself trying to show the look that I think aids these beautiful summer nights nicely.

So no banana bread baking tonight but is definately on the agenda tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tuesday:

Bake banana bread
Make necklace
Post Ebay items
Post CV's to a few places
Work 5pm-9pm
Come home and review how much was done!

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