Saturday, 7 August 2010


...most of us have done it right? Something we want that multiple people can get for us but is quite difficult so we maximize our chances by doing a handwritten SPAMFEST to our contacts!

Here is my attempts to gain employment. I do work doing admin and some PA duties on a Monday and it is well paid for what I actually do but it's not enough for me to live properly, just sustaining me you know what I mean.

So I am applying for the usual retail sales positions in most of my favourite stores, alot of my friends just hand in their CV's/resume's to the stores on foot. I just wouldn't be able to stand the snooty sales assistant face as she patronizingly says "I'll pass that on for you" so I've decided to mail them instead.

So I am a student trying to get a part time position. What's your situation? Do you work full time part time? Are you studying like me? Are you face to face with the public everyday or behind a computer screen?

I also want to know if anybody has had success with this blanketing/spamming method. I've done it before on emails and have got a few responses but it would just be no's. However I did look for someone once and found them doing this. So I'm just curious, let me know...

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