Wednesday, 11 August 2010


So I need help in what I should wear to a black tie event. It's Friday so quite last minute. I'd just appreciate some links to some dresses that would suit long black hair with pale light skin. Not for a redonkulous amount either please.
Can't look out of place here as this is where the party is.
Any photos of your evening gowns? Any experiences of your black tie events to share?
So I hardly ever share where I got my clothes from, the reason being ALOT (much more than I thought) is vintage/thrifted/mothers. Here my boring sandals were from Peacocks £10-ish? The shirt was coast I think, but 10 years or so ago. The shorts were my mum's black jeans when she was my age! So almost 25 years old or something.
Anyway off I go, I'm going to look through the various looks sites point me in some direction of what to wear tomorrow X

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