Friday, 6 August 2010


Goodness, if there was any justice in the world I would be obese! I just can't seem to control myself lately, I'm typing this scoffing my 8th biscuit! The day starts off well but just after dinner I PIG OUT, its really bad I've probably consumed 7,000 calories in the past 3 days or so. Donuts, biscuits etc are just tooo moreish.

SUPER DUPER STRICTNESS TOMORROW! I cant binge now I have it down in words! NO BINGE!

SATURDAY (calories beside)

Soup 64
Bread 60


Yoghurt 100
Bran flakes 70
Choc spinkles 20

Banana 90

Clemintine x 2 50

Bread x 2 120
Cheese 110
tomatoe, onion 30

Toast 60
Butter 70

Curry 480
Bread 60

Hot chocolate 120
Soya milk 40

And the total says 1544 which is under the RDA but I think I need to take some slack for the OVER eating I've done the past days. I'd like to know other peoples take on this message me please if your just as obsessive as myself, I go in and out of phases. You?


  1. I used to count calories like crazy, but it got a little obsessive after awhile. Don't get too in over your head with it! Just eat in moderation and what you think seems healthy. Sometimes the best thing to do after overeating is to just get a friend and go for a nice long walk or run :)

    Tomorrow is a new day.

  2. I never really looked at the calories but I think nowadays it might be important to watch what you eat but not become obsessive over it.

    I know what you mean about biscuts and donuts, they are my fav but dont worry too much about it. I say just keep a healthy eating habit and exercise and you will be fine! no worries!

  3. Thanks ladies, I didn't actually follow the above very well after finding that hardly any of the stuff was in the cupboards! However I have been very well behaved. I'ts nice to have those comforting words from you both! I know people say "all girls go through it" but it's good to actually hear the personal opinions! X

  4. It's sad, but I think most girls do go through it... but everyone has their own reasons. I used to binge terribly. I eaten an entire bag of cookies on more than one occasions. If there was any justice in the world, I would have been obese, too :P What helped me get things under control was, when I was tempted to eat everything in sight, to really think about why I wanted to... if I was bored or stressed or sad or whatever. Dealing with the real problem isn't as fun as eating all of those cookies, but in the long run you feel so much better.
    PS: In case you aren't rushing back to my blog to check my response to your question, I'm almost 25... but I know I look about 16 :)