Thursday, 5 August 2010

Hello there

Greetings! You are reading this being new to my blog, as you can see there is previous content I have been submitting, this is just because it's a bit better to have something to look at as opposed to just HI! SEE YOU TOMORROW! or something.
Amoung other things, in this blog you will see the life of a girl who designs jewellery, models part time, goes to fashion school, wanabee actress, is a part time personal assistant to a therapist of all things.
I am planning on documenting my day-to-day life, do a few 'how-to's', the common favourite 'street style' and hopefully I will be trusted to give advice! Oh yes and of course giveaways.
Speaking of which..
5 necklaces to give away! Email me on explaining to me what makes a good blog and I will put all your names in a hat and announce the winners here!

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  1. You blog looks lovely so far... the scribbling script in the banner is so cute :)

    Come by and visit if you have some time: