Monday, 9 August 2010


So these are the neckalces I got through the post for my giveaway. I was expecting 5 necklaces but have three and one bracelet (bottom right) but the tassel necklace which if you scroll down you can see is still part of it.

So you know what to do to be in a chance with winning, email me stating what makes a good blog and your name will go in a hat and I will draw the winners Friday the 13th and it will be announced right here. Thanks for those who have already entered please could you tell me what name to write on the entry as some of you that have entered have crazy screen/user names!

My friend made and shot me in this shirt. It is circus/clown inspired until the bottom got burned and sliced off the bottom so this is us trying to be 'edgy' with the whole crop thing. Don't worry I didn't wear this out.

This is my gut trying to be held in! Tomorrow we start the workouts! Wish me luck, any tips welcome! X


  1. i love the pic with the shirt. looks cool!

  2. That photo looks like it came from a fashion spread in one of those really edgy fashion magazines like Flaunt... I love it. You hair is so gorgeous! Mine won't grow fast enough so I'm even more jealous of yours :)